What Are Micro Bead Extensions?

The micro bead technique, also know as “I Tip”, uses a non-slip micro bead to attach an extension to the existing hair. The tip is so thin that it looks like the end of a shoelace tip. The extensions are attached by using a micro bead and loop tool. No heat, glue or chemicals!  Beaded extensions are semi-permanent and last an average of 6 months & up depending upon quality of care.

What makes it so unique? Each extension is handmade by a mermaid. It’s twice as thick as any company’s hair on the market and twice as special because you can customize the color however you’d like. Think of it like ordering a pizza – you pick the toppings and we make it just for you (or your client).

In addition to our extensions being customizable in color and thicker than other brands, we also save you time on installation as well. Before Katie launched her Mermaid Hair brand, she was using other extension brands that she simply wasn’t happy with. They weren’t thick enough, so Katie decided to take things into her own hands and create her own. That’s when she developed Mermaid Hair, also known as “the thickest hair in the sea.” By combining the 200 thin strands together to make 100 thick strands, you get twice the hair in half the time!


What is Mermaid hair? An awesome new form of micro bead hair extensions that Katie Rogers invented. #ThickestHairInTheSea


Its that it is handmade by a mermaid! It’s twice as thick as any companies hair on the market and customizable for the perfect blend. Micro beads don’t require any heat or glue and are the least damaging form of extensions. Here is a comparison of other brands we like to call “ursula hair”


Handtied SEAmless wefts are a great way to discreetly wear extensions. Mermaid SEAmless weft are installed utilizing a handtied method that mimics hair growing from the scalp to make them undetectable. Each weft is custom handmade by a mermaid to match the unique need of each customer whether it be for adding length, volume or simply enhancing your color in a chemicalfree way.

Unlike other brands, we pride ourselves in offering the thickest wefts on the market.  Our installation process not only insures the nearly invisible wefts blend in perfectly to your hair, but also evenly distribute the weight to protect the integrity of your hair. What does that mean? We install micro beads to act as anchors and attach the weft to the anchors this helps to prevent breakage of the natural hair.

*SEAmless weft extensions last an average of 6 months to year depending upon quality of care.

Find which method is best for you

With so many different hair extension methods and types it is important to know which is best for you. During our consultation we will discuss your day to day life style, budget and your hair type to determine which method will give you optimal results.

Typically we recommend SEAmless wefts with those with fine to average hair. With minimal rows of weft on your head there is less stress on your natural hair.

Our Itips are more ideal for those with thicker or coarse hair. In addition this is a great route to go if you are more active and require hair to be washed more often. Itips are more breathable on the scalp making washing and drying process.

For those with average hair both methods can work for you based on your preference