Hi! I’m Katie, aka @MermaidHairXO.

Katie Rogers, or some of you may know her as @MermaidHairXo on instagram, is a glamorific hair stylist from Dallas who recently opened her very own salon, The Mermaid Sealon. She has only been a cosmetologist for 6 years and is already making huge waves in the hair industry! Only 1 year after graduating, she searched the whole ocean to find thick extensions but was unable to find any to her standards. So she decided to take the sea horses by the reigns and create her own.​

Katie has created her own line of tools like her Hair Brushes (Wet and Dry), and Mermaid Looper. Nothing is stoping this Mermaid by the sea as she has also created her own line of eyelashes, Roco Lashes. They are made from 100% mink fur softly brushed with no animals harmed! These luxury 3D lashes feature 6 different exclusive designs inspired by her closest circle of friends! Oh, it doesn’t stop there, Katie also has her own KaTee Shirt clothing line, Ready Set Glam!

Katie’s a high energy glam queen with a sparkly personality who has accomplished all of this before the age of 30.



Katie Rogers Is Making a Big Splash

She’s built a mini empire on Mermaid hair extensions. And spray tans. And lip injections. Meet the new millennial businesswoman.

In the shadow of Cityplace, on a nondescript stretch of Belmont Avenue, an unintentional “mermaid district” has taken shape. At 4311 Belmont sits Blue Mermaid Spa, a tranquil sanctuary offering self-care in the form of massages, facials, and anti-aging treatments. Next door at 4301 Belmont, not at all related and on the other end of the beauty spectrum, is The Mermaid SEAlon, a converted house that now supplies Kylie Jenner-level transformations via hair extensions, injectables, sparkle spray tans, and Swarovski-studded acrylic nails—selfies strongly encouraged. You will know you are at The Mermaid SEAlon, as opposed to Blue Mermaid Spa…

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